Universal Robots launches the UR20, a new cobot with a 20 kg payload: it will be the first of a new series - Innovation Post

2023-02-22 05:13:40 By : Ms. Joyce Walson

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On the occasion of the Automatica 2022 fair in Munich, Universal Robots introduced the UR20, a collaborative robot with a reach of 1,750 mm, a weight of 64 kg and a payload of 20 kg. 3 Axis Mini Robot Arm

Universal Robots launches the UR20, a new cobot with a 20 kg payload: it will be the first of a new series - Innovation Post

“It is without a doubt the most exciting product we have ever developed,” said Kim Povlsen, President of Universal Robots.

Povlsen explained that the introduction of the new product responds to the growing shortage of workers and skills and the need to offer comfortable workspaces for humans.

“People have to work with robots, not like robots,” he said.“Fewer and fewer people want to do repetitive jobs and let's not forget that postural problems related to the efforts of handling heavy loads are the cause of a large number of occupational accidents”.

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The UR20 is not a new version of an old product, but “a completely new product, the first model in a new series,” Povlsen explained.

UR20 has a range (outreach) of 1750 mm, can handle loads up to 20 kg and, thanks to the aluminum structure, contains its own weight in 64 kg.

“It is the lightest Cobot on the market with this payload,” said Anders Billesø Beck, Vice President Strategy & Innovation at Universal Robots.

“The most interesting feature of this product is that it supports the 20 kg payload throughout the covered area without compromising stability and speed,” he adds.

Not only that: thanks to the new mechatronic joints, the speed of the new collaborative robot is 65% faster than the previous series.

The new technology also manages to reduce wear on moving parts, increasing the uptime of the cobot.

The characteristics for which Universal Robots cobits have always stood out remain unchanged: flexible mounting options (even on the ceiling) and simplified programming.

There is also a programmable LED system on the base for alert signals.The UR20 datasheet 0621_UR20_Data_Sheet_IT

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Universal Robots launches the UR20, a new cobot with a 20 kg payload: it will be the first of a new series - Innovation Post

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