5pin 63A/125A electric plug, Cee male plug, IP67 6h waterproof plug

Industrial plug and socketRated voltage: 220-250VRated current: 16APhase: 2p+eIPdegree: IP44Industrail plugIndustrial socketWall socketIndustrial connectorIndustrial couplerPanel socketMobile plugMobile socketWall mounting plug1. About the industrial plug and socket knowledge? The plug and socket is a kind of Europe t

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Industrial plug and socket

Rated voltage: 220-250V
Rated current: 16A
Phase: 2p+e
IPdegree: IP44

Industrail plug
Industrial socket
Wall socket
Industrial connector
Industrial coupler
Panel socket
Mobile plug
Mobile socket
Wall mounting plug
1. About the industrial plug and socket knowledge?
The plug and socket is a kind of Europe type plug and socket. It is widely used in many kinds of industrial and mining enterprises such as stell smelting, petrochemical industry, electric power, electron, railway, construction, airport, mine, stope, water supply and drain processing factory, port, store, hotel and so on, and it is also for mating and maintenance fittings of device power and connectors imported from abroad, so it is a new generation ideal power supply unit.

2. How to choose the industrial plug and socket?
Firstly, consider about the rated current. It has four kind current: 16Amp, 32Amp, 63Amp, 125Amp.
Second: Consider the cable phase; We have 2phase +E 3phase+E or 3phase + N+E

For example: Your equipments is 10-15A, and need connect 3phase + E, then you can choose the plug 16A 3phase+e

3. If you can cooperate with us, we will be honored and you will benefit from:
The good construction warranty1~2 years
Your client satisfied on the right schedule and quality
Your can get good reputation from your market and obtain more orders
Our professional service before and after sale
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The reasonable price
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4. Company information
1)Q: Are you a factory or trading company? How many people work in your company?
A: We are a factory and we got 500 workers till this year.
2. )Q: Where is your factory located? How can I visit there?
A: Our factory is located in Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China, about 1.5 hours from Guangzhou by air. All our clients, from home or abroad, are warmly welcome to visit us!
3. )Company show
Code current(A) Voltage(V) No of pole IP Degree
013-4 plug 16A 110-130V 2P+E(3P) IP44
113-4 16A 110-130V 2P+E(3P) IP44
213-4 16A 110-130V 2P+E(3P) IP44
513-4 16A 110-130V 2P+E(3P) IP44
N-013-4 16A 110-130V 2P+E(3P) IP44
N-113-4 16A 110-130V 2P+E(3P) IP44
N-213-4 16A 110-130V 2P+E(3P) IP44
N-513-4 16A 110-130V 2P+E(3P) IP44
N-0132-4 16A 110-130V 2P+E(3P) IP67
N-1132-4 16A 110-130V 2P+E(3P) IP67
N-2132-4 16A 110-130V 2P+E(3P) IP67
N-513-4 16A 110-130V 2P+E(3P) IP67
013 16A 220-240V 2P+E(3P) IP44
113-4 16A 220-240V 2P+E(3P) IP44
213-4 16A 220-240V 2P+E(3P) IP44
513-4 16A 220-240V 2P+E(3P) IP44
N-013 16A 220-240V 2P+E(3P) IP44
N-113 16A 220-240V 2P+E(3P) IP44
N-213 16A 220-240V 2P+E(3P) IP44
N-513 16A 220-240V 2P+E(3P) IP44
N-0132 16A 220-240V 2P+E(3P) IP67
N-1132 16A 220-240V 2P+E(3P) IP67
N-2132 16A 220-240V 2P+E(3P) IP67
N-513 16A 220-240V 2P+E(3P) IP67
014 16A 380-415V 3P+E(4P) IP44
114 16A 380-415V 3P+E(4P) IP44
214 16A 380-415V 3P+E(4P) IP44
214 16A 380-415V 3P+E(4P) IP44
N-014 16A 380-415V 3P+E(4P) IP44
N-114 16A 380-415V 3P+E(4P) IP44
N-214 16A 380-415V 3P+E(4P) IP44
N-514 16A 380-415V 3P+E(4P) IP44
N-0142 16A 380-415V 3P+E(4P) IP67
N-1142 16A 380-415V 3P+E(4P) IP67
N-2142 16A 380-415V 3P+E(4P) IP67
N-514 16A 380-415V 3P+E(4P) IP67
015 16A 220-415V 3P+N+E(5P) IP44
115 16A 220-415V 3P+N+E(5P) IP44
215 16A 220-415V 3P+N+E(5P) IP44
515 16A 220-415V 3P+N+E(5P) IP44
N-015 16A 220-415V 3P+N+E(5P) IP44
N-115 16A 220-415V 3P+N+E(5P) IP44
N-215 16A 220-415V 3P+N+E(5P) IP44
N-515 16A 220-415V 3P+N+E(5P) IP44
N-0152 16A 220-415V 3P+N+E(5P) IP67
N-1152 16A 220-415V 3P+N+E(5P) IP67
N-2152 16A 220-415V 3P+N+E(5P) IP67
N-515 16A 220-415V 3P+N+E(5P) IP67
023-4 32A 110-130V 2P+E(3P) IP44
123-4 32A 110-130V 2P+E(3P) IP44
223-4 32A 110-130V 2P+E(3P) IP44
523-4 32A 110-130V 2P+E(3P) IP44
N-023-4 32A 110-130V 2P+E(3P) IP44
N-123-4 32A 110-130V 2P+E(3P) IP44
N-223-4 32A 110-130V 2P+E(3P) IP44
N-523-4 32A 110-130V 2P+E(3P) IP44
N-0232-4 32A 110-130V 2P+E(3P) IP67
N-1232-4 32A 110-130V 2P+E(3P) IP67
N-2232-4 32A 110-130V 2P+E(3P) IP67
N-523-4 32A 110-130V 2P+E(3P) IP67
023 32A 220-240V 2P+E(3P) IP44
123 32A 220-240V 2P+E(3P) IP44
223 32A 220-240V 2P+E(3P) IP44
523 32A 220-240V 2P+E(3P) IP44
N-023 32A 220-240V 2P+E(3P) IP44
N-123 32A 220-240V 2P+E(3P) IP44
N-223 32A 220-240V 2P+E(3P) IP44
N-523 32A 220-240V 2P+E(3P) IP44
N-0232 32A 220-240V 2P+E(3P) IP67
N-1232 32A 220-240V 2P+E(3P) IP67
N-2232 32A 220-240V 2P+E(3P) IP67
N-523 32A 220-240V 2P+E(3P) IP67
024 32A 380-415V 3P+E(4P) IP44
124 32A 380-415V 3P+E(4P) IP44
224 32A 380-415V 3P+E(4P) IP44
524 32A 380-415V 3P+E(4P) IP44
N-024 32A 380-415V 3P+E(4P) IP44
N-124 32A 380-415V 3P+E(4P) IP44
N-224 32A 380-415V 3P+E(4P) IP44
N-524 32A 380-415V 3P+E(4P) IP44
N-0242 32A 380-415V 3P+E(4P) IP67
N-1242 32A 380-415V 3P+E(4P) IP67
N-2242 32A 380-415V 3P+E(4P) IP67
N-524 32A 380-415V 3P+E(4P) IP67
025 32A 220-415V 3P+N+E(5P) IP44
125 32A 220-415V 3P+N+E(5P) IP44
225 32A 220-415V 3P+N+E(5P) IP44
525 32A 220-415V 3P+N+E(5P) IP44
N-025 32A 220-415V 3P+N+E(5P) IP44
N-125 32A 220-415V 3P+N+E(5P) IP44
N-225 32A 220-415V 3P+N+E(5P) IP44
N-525 32A 220-415V 3P+N+E(5P) IP44
N-0252 32A 220-415V 3P+N+E(5P) IP67
N-1252 32A 220-415V 3P+N+E(5P) IP67
N-2252 32A 220-415V 3P+N+E(5P) IP67
N-525 32A 220-415V 3P+N+E(5P) IP67
033 63A 220-240V 2P+E(3P) IP67
133 63A 220-240V 2P+E(3P) IP67
233 63A 220-240V 2P+E(3P) IP67
533 63A 220-240V 2P+E(3P) IP67
N-0332 63A 220-240V 2P+E(3P) IP67
N-1332 63A 220-240V 2P+E(3P) IP67
N-2332 63A 220-240V 2P+E(3P) IP67
N-5332 63A 220-240V 2P+E(3P) IP67
034 63A 380-415V 3P+E(4P) IP67
134 63A 380-415V 3P+E(4P) IP67
234 63A 380-415V 3P+E(4P) IP67
534 63A 380-415V 3P+E(4P) IP67
N-0342 63A 380-415V 3P+E(4P) IP67
N-1342 63A 380-415V 3P+E(4P) IP67
N-2342 63A 380-415V 3P+E(4P) IP67
N-5342 63A 380-415V 3P+E(4P) IP67
035 63A 220-415V 3P+N+E(5P) IP67
135 63A 220-415V 3P+N+E(5P) IP67
235 63A 220-415V 3P+N+E(5P) IP67
535 63A 220-415V 3P+N+E(5P) IP67
N-0352 63A 220-415V 3P+N+E(5P) IP67
N-1352 63A 220-415V 3P+N+E(5P) IP67
N-2352 63A 220-415V 3P+N+E(5P) IP67
N-5352 63A 220-415V 3P+N+E(5P) IP67
043 125A 220-240V 2P+E(3P) IP67
143 125A 220-240V 2P+E(3P) IP67
243 125A 220-240V 2P+E(3P) IP67
543 125A 220-240V 2P+E(3P) IP67
N-0432 125A 220-240V 2P+E(3P) IP67
N-1432 125A 220-240V 2P+E(3P) IP67
N-2432 125A 220-240V 2P+E(3P) IP67
N-5432 125A 220-240V 2P+E(3P) IP67
044 125A 380-415V 3P+E(4P) IP67
144 125A 380-415V 3P+E(4P) IP67
244 125A 380-415V 3P+E(4P) IP67
544 125A 380-415V 3P+E(4P) IP67
N-0442 125A 380-415V 3P+E(4P) IP67
N-1442 125A 380-415V 3P+E(4P) IP67
N-2442 125A 380-415V 3P+E(4P) IP67
N-5442 125A 380-415V 3P+E(4P) IP67
045 125A 220-415V 3P+N+E(5P) IP67
145 125A 220-415V 3P+N+E(5P) IP67
245 125A 220-415V 3P+N+E(5P) IP67
545 125A 220-415V 3P+N+E(5P) IP67
N-0452 125A 220-415V 3P+N+E(5P) IP67
N-1452 125A 220-415V 3P+N+E(5P) IP67
N-2452 125A 220-415V 3P+N+E(5P) IP67
N-5452 125A 220-415V 3P+N+E(5P) IP67
1012-4 16A 110V 4h 1 plug+2 socket 2P+E(3P) IP44
1012 16A 220V 6h 1 plug+2 socket 2P+E(3P) IP44
1012/4 16A 380V 6h 1 plug+2 socket 3P+E(4P) IP44
1013-4 16A 110V 4h 1 plug+3 socket 2P+E(3P) IP44
1013 16A 220V 6h 1 plug+3 socket 2P+E(3P) IP44
1013/4 16A 380V 6h 1 plug+3 socket 3P+E(4P) IP44

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