CGM Recommendation: Holiday Gifts for Technology Lovers in 2021

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When the holiday season approaches, hordes of shoppers are also looking for the latest technology products to protect the safety of their loved ones, and buying technology products can be a difficult task.

Playing the hardest video games sometimes requires rehearsal, and shopping is equally difficult. For non-technical enthusiasts, we have compiled a walkthrough on the latest technology for shoppers in the market at CGMagazine. Welcome to our CGMagazine Technology Holiday Gift Guide!

This tri-band Wi-Fi system can replace routers and extenders in the home to form a simple box with a system that meets all needs. This fast device can increase the Internet speed to 6600 MBPS, handle the most difficult tasks, and is also a know-it-all. Both devices have Ethernet ports for access, making it easy to set up. This is an ideal choice for people who are not tech-savvy or who want easy and out-of-the-box use. Provide simple and fast internet for holidays.

When it comes to high-end cameras for game streaming, this facial camera visually and literally changes the rules of the game. Our review of Elgato Facecam said: “Elgato’s Facecam philosophy is to “focus on the important things and remove the unimportant things.” Their first task is to add high-quality pictures. They use a 24mm f/2.4 prime lens and Sony CMOS sensors and other webcams dream of image control to achieve this." This is indeed highly praised. The gift of a suitable streaming camera may be your gift this holiday season.

Helm's headphone amplifier is designed to support headphones to the greatest extent, allowing audiophiles to get the best sound quality in a very small package. Using the traditional 3.5mm headphone adapter, it can meet the needs of most mobile phones and laptops. After fully charged, the device can be used for more than 6 hours. This amplifier brings bass, no need to go fishing. With this gift, this season's holiday couldn't be better.

This compact design of Cooler Master really has an impact in the mouse industry. With this responsive mouse, gamers can avoid any traps arranged in a stylish way. This mouse can change its feet and weighs only 48 grams. You can choose wireless or wired, the only disadvantage is that left-handed users need to be careful because it is only right-handed. Give the mouse as a technical upgrade this season.

With this triple starter kit powered by Devolo, high speed has just become the speed of light, and it will definitely upgrade anyone's Internet, leaving a truly magical impression. Can provide users with a gigabit speed network in a simple way. The LAN provides three ports without a switch. Give the convenience of the Internet at the speed of light to make the Internet efficient this holiday season.

These stylish keycaps are available in 4 colors, including quartz powder, white, black, and of course, Razer green options. These caps fit most key switches with cross shafts and any Razer keyboard. Offering durability and the iconic style that Razer is known for, these also feature thin fonts and oil caps to provide comfort. These are the keys to the holidays.

Google shines with Google Pixel 6 Pro in this year's smartphone competition. Our comment on the latest products Google must provide for the smartphone industry said: “Google has improved the formula for the Pixel 6 Pro. This phone finally makes the Pixel series feel worth the time and effort.” The huge upgrade in gifted smartphone technology is A wise move.

This magnetic charger from Mophie provides a hands-free method for people who need GPS, while also providing necessary charging while driving. Using MagSafe technology, safe and efficient charging up to 15W can be achieved. With the help of a detachable disc, you can even use this handy device at home for the necessary charging. Give the gift of GPS capabilities and the power of the seasons.

In the latest headset of EPOS, they launched this multi-platform beast. With a USB-A connector, 3.5 mm console cable and even Bluetooth connectivity, this headset can be connected to almost any device. Not only is the cantilever completely detachable, pushing it up will also mute the device. It is worth noting that the headset provides two-way audio, allowing dialogue and game audio to merge. Immerse gamers in your life this holiday season.

Fitbit Sense provides EDA scanning, allowing the device to sense body pressure and even atrial fibrillation. The battery can be used for up to 6 days on a single charge, but continuous use will reduce this expectation and no longer worry about continuous direction management, because this convenient device has GPS to keep the user on the path. The gift of fashion and innovation is on your wrist.

As we all know, Razer provides high-quality audio in life, and Seiren is no exception. Our review of Razer Seiren said “The value of Seiren V2 Pro is unparalleled. We see that there are many microphones that are more expensive, but their quality or features are far less than this microphone.” For those who want to stream, or For those who know about streaming or podcasting, there is hardly a better gift than this.

The Streamer Starter Pack introduces players to a peripheral pack that anyone can use to start or continue their streaming journey in a compact package. The bundle includes HyperX SoloCastTM USB microphone and Cloud Core gaming headset with DTS Headphone: X1 Spatial Audio, which provides a huge improvement in quality equipment for streaming media. Of course, there is a good start in gift giving.

NZXT is known for its high-quality computer components and iconic design. This motherboard is indeed full of vitality, as our review of N7 Z590 said: "NZXT N7 Z590 motherboard is a well-designed motherboard that integrates functions and styles in a complete package, for anyone who wants to build a new Intel 10 or 11 people prepare gen PC", detailing how important it is to equip any gaming equipment with a sturdy structure. Spend this holiday with NZXT.

Razer always returns with technical quality, this time in the form of fashionable headphones, which is synonymous with things brought by peripheral brands. Our review of Kraken V3 HyperSense said: “It’s polite to say that I am impressed with the HyperSense tactile feedback. Being able to feel and hear the enemy’s position based on the intensity of the rumble in the ear is a huge advantage. Each one The footsteps of the enemy, every explosion is amplified by the sense of touch, and the game will never be the same for me." This headset is very suitable for gamers who need to upgrade this holiday.

These earplugs from Master&Dynamic allow you to listen to music anytime, anywhere, and talk easily and efficiently. These headphones have a noise reduction function, can provide a clearer speaking experience, and have 12 hours of charging time. With a charging case with a longer charging time, these headphones will reliably accompany you throughout the day. The Bluetooth connection and interchangeable earbud size allow flexibility in use. Give flower buds, give your flower buds a holiday.

This beautiful device can take any PC gamer's audio to a new level while reducing the overall wire awkwardness. The simple design keeps the computer desk clean, while looking round and stylish. Our comment said: “The real selling point is how natural it is to flip through different sound profiles. After playing Apex Legends with some friends for a few rounds, we decided to watch a movie on Netflix Party, press the button, and I was Set to movie mode and get ready to enjoy this movie." This external sound card will present audio quality and provide exquisite sound for the player or audience. The plug-and-play design also allows for easy setup, which is convenient for this holiday season.

Anker Soundcore Trance is a Bluetooth speaker with a handle and impressive start-up sound, which can provide users with serious bass, while being easy to transport and easy to set up. One of the advantages of this powerful speaker is that it is completely waterproof, so bringing it close to any body of water will not stress the user. The speaker also provides five LED light shows, accompanied by the music played by the speaker. A good voice is the perfect gift for this holiday.

We have all been there and need another device plug. This power strip from TP-Link provides users with six additional sockets at the cost of one. The power strip also has smart sockets and three USB slots for optimal performance. Smart sockets allow integration with Google or Amazon voice assistants and allow users to see how much power their devices are using. Give the gift of strength in this season.

This gimbal allows users to obtain a hands-free recording experience without sacrificing stability. Through automatic tracking, this light and versatile tool can provide users with a reliable solution when using the smartphone camera function. The universal joint also uses magnets to secure the phone without any problems, and the retractable extender is also easy to store. The gimbal design becomes simple.

This wireless stand can charge your phone in a variety of ways, not only can it seamlessly charge your device, but it can also be placed upright, allowing you to easily charge while watching videos. By placing the phone vertically or horizontally, the user can fully control the stand. The InstantStation wireless stand is equipped with a wireless charging stand with additional USB-A and USB-C ports, so two more devices can be added for seamless and efficient 33W fast charging. This holiday is smarter.

This very portable SSD can be placed in the user's pocket and is very easy to carry. Consumers can choose from three different sizes, and there is a space for everyone. This convenient device also comes with a rubber cover for protection, but its construction is different because it is waterproof and has a reading speed of up to 2000mbps. Give your loved ones some space for holidays.

This collaborative screen for technology enthusiasts can provide the best performance for users who need a second screen without sacrificing quality and the use of sound to touch the display. Whether you are trying to use a larger screen for your phone or just using it as a companion screen, the ViewSonic TD1655 is a good choice. With two-way power adaptation from laptop to screen or from screen to laptop, most devices using the USB Type-C port can be seamlessly connected to the display. Give a gift for the second show this holiday.

This headset from KMD is optimized for PS4/PS5, and the price is lower for those with a holiday budget. The headset has omnidirectional sound and noise reduction, which can provide a high-quality experience for gamers on any console. The 40mm drive provides the best sound and brings a more comprehensive gaming experience. There are many high-quality headphones, but for those looking for a lower price, KMD Instinct is your best choice.

No one is waiting for the holiday season, this handy technical guide can provide reliable ideas for anyone buying technology enthusiasts in their lives. Even for those who don’t know much about technology, this walkthrough is designed to help those who need gift ideas while providing quality to the family.

For those looking for more ideas, this list will be updated regularly until the holidays come. Therefore, while hoping to spread the festive joy, please check out more ideas in the near future.

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