Two-piece M12 circular connectors provide versatility

2021-11-26 01:54:56 By : Ms. Joy Cheng

BINDER USA 763 series two-piece M12 circular connectors provide multiple functions, including easy-to-assemble square flange housing, multi-position support for variable cable installation, and lockable A-codes. The device simplifies the connection of safety sensors and actuators in applications such as factory automation and robotics. The two-part design of the product enables user-friendly and safe assembly. The square flange variant of this product consists of a metal flange housing and a contact carrier equipped with a lockable coding nose, which can be rotated in 45° increments. The housing of the single-line model has the same drilling scheme as the M16 shape, allowing users to switch between design sizes without having to adjust the existing housing for field devices such as sensor/actuator boxes.

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