2022 Nevada Day Treasure Hunt clue explanations | Serving Carson City for over 150 years

2022-10-31 21:26:38 By : Mr. Jacky Wu

Party on the Comstock! Carnival is the theme!

Your job is to search and not to dream Plastic Shoe Tree

2022 Nevada Day Treasure Hunt clue explanations | Serving Carson City for over 150 years

This year the treasure is not there nor here

But attend the parade and be of good cheer!

This first clue pays homage to the Nevada Day theme this year which is "Carnival on the Comstock". It also tells us that the prize is not in Carson City nor Storey County this year.

A royal flush in the hands of Harman

Won't win you the prize

If you are searching for treasure here

It will be your demise!

Jennifer Harman is a professional poker player who was born in Reno. She has won two World Series of Poker bracelets in open events, one of only four women to have done so. This clue tells us that the medallion is not hidden in Washoe County this year.

The three from years past

May be of aid to you now

Because the treasure this year

This clue refers to clue number 4 from 2019 which explained that the medallion that year was not in any of the three counties referenced by the clue.  (Pershing, Churchill, Lyon).

2019- Clue No. 4:  While there may be three, Generally they're of no aid, because they do not contain this year's crusade. This year's clue explains that the treasure can indeed be found in one of these three counties in 2022.

We have you at last!

The clues will lead you here

if you have studied your past!

Since inception in 1861, Churchill County has had four County seats; Buckland, La Plata, Stillwater, and Fallon. This clue tells us the treasure is hidden in Churchill County.

Forty two under and blue skies up above

Will lead you this year to this county we love

The prize is hidden on land open to all

Use care and respect, as your search protocol!

Churchill County has 42 square miles of land under water. This clue also notes that the medallion is hidden on land open to the public and asks participants to please be respectful of the land and others while conducting your search.

Clue 6: Tuesday, Oct. 11  A young lovers' quarrel started the tradition,

Hoist them up and lay bare your inhibition.

She was killed on that cold day in December

There are various stories related to the legend of the Shoe Tree near Middlegate Station.  Our favorite tells us that a young couple on their way to get married rested under the Shoe Tree in Churchill County, taking off their shoes. They got into an argument and the young woman threw the young man's shoes up into the tree and drove off leaving him behind.

For years, many travelers and passersby, each for their own personal reasons, added their contributions of shoes to the tree.  Vandals cut down the Shoe Tree on December 30, 2010, however people quickly created a new one in a cottonwood nearby. This clue tells us the treasure is hidden in Churchill County.

Clue 7: Wednesday, Oct. 12   Vela confirmed and we had a Blast.

Next morning shakes were hopefully our last!

The magnitude of our actions are felt yet today,

And forever remembered on a slab made of gray.

On October 26, 1963, in the Sand Springs area of Churchill County, a 12-kiloton nuclear device was detonated 1,211 feet below the ground surface. This was called the Shoal Project and was a part of Project Vela conducted by the U.S. Department of Energy and the Advanced Research Projects Agency.  The purpose was to develop seismic methods for detecting underground nuclear testing. There is a stone monument that can be visited by the public commemorating the test.   This clue tells us that the medallion is hidden somewhere in Churchill County.

Was he George or was she Laura?

We must honor them both, so tip your fedora!

One left a legacy of one hundred and fourteen,

While the other preserved the otherwise unseen.

This clue pays homage to Wuzzie George and to Laura Mills, two important female historians of Churchill County. Wuzzie George was a Northern Paiute woman, born around 1880.  She spent her life teaching and documenting the traditions of “the old ones” to pass them on to future generations. Laura Mills was a teacher and historian in the early 1900's in Churchill County and left 114 mounted birds on which she herself had done the taxidermy, to the Churchill Museum.

This clue tells us that the medallion is hidden in Churchill County.

Mine claims of old often enchant us,

Much like the mystery tales of Atlantis!

Specters guard the briny wood

And the medallion nearby in all likelihood.

This clue refers to the old soda mine that is now under water in Soda Lake near Fallon.  As a result of being under water, the soda works structures have remained well preserved. Over the years, the lake has become popular with divers who can swim through the relatively intact ruins of the old soda plant and other buildings. Additionally, divers report the presence of a "ghost forest" at the southeastern end of the lake, which is believed to be the remains of a grove of cottonwood trees.  This clue tells us that the medallion is hidden near Fallon.

Her cold blooded tracks will guide you this year,

And Lara my love will lead us to cheer!

Take care around those that leave no tread,

They won't steer you wrong if you follow this thread.

Rattlesnake Raceway in Fallon is the oldest continuously operated oval dirt track in the State of Nevada. The track is administered by Lahontan Auto Racing Association (LARA).  This clue tells us that the treasure is in Fallon.

As you cruise through the valley,

Look up to see the strands of time.

Wave at the heart of the new land

As you watch the birds climb!

This clue is an homage to various Fallon attributes. Tom Cruise was a Navy pilot in the movie Top Gun. Top Gun is located at the Fallon Naval Air Station. Also referenced are the famous Fallon heart of gold cantaloupe; the strands, or ancient shorelines of Lake Lahontan on the hills around Fallon; the Newlands Project; and watching the birds (and Navy jets) fly over us. This clue tells us that the medallion is hidden somewhere near the Fallon Naval Air Station in Churchill County.

Hop in the car, let's go for a ride!

Happy and smiling, set cares of the world aside.

Untangle the clue and then move forward,

Choose the ideal sword and be rewarded!

The treasure is hidden on the Fallon Naval Air Station Wetlands Nature Trail off of Wildes Road.  "World aside" and "ideal sword" are perfect anagrams for Wildes Road. This tell us that the medallion is hidden somewhere near Wildes Road.

We see bees and hornets buzz above,

A carrier beacons to the very finest

The U.S. Navy Seabees built the Fallon Naval Air Station Wetlands Nature Trail in the early 1990's. The Navy F-18 Hornets buzz over the Trail quite often.  The treasure is hidden under the threshold of a bridge, with water flowing below.  Also reference to Navy carrier craft and afterburner glow of the jet.  This clue tells us that the medallion is hidden under a bridge near the Fallon Naval Air Station.

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2022 Nevada Day Treasure Hunt clue explanations | Serving Carson City for over 150 years

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